05/27/2021 – Birthday Basher to Wolverine

Heather Helzer will lead "Birthday Basher to Wolverine " with a duration of 3.5 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet for a 6:30 pm departure at the Basher Trailhead on Campbell Airstrip Drive for the Birthday Bash!  We will take trails to the summit of Wolverine Peak where we will feast on birthday cake to celebrate 2 birthdays. We will return via the same route.

08/20/2015 – Warren Zoff

Heather Helzer will lead "Warren Zoff" with a duration of 2 hours somewwhere in West Anchorage.

Meet at 6:30 pm in the Point Woronzof parking area. We will be doing a mellow figure eight circuit on beaches and the Coastal Trail.  This will be Lee’s first Epic back after breaking his toe.  We hope to find raspberry patches , so bring something to put them in.