02/01/2024 - How Low Will it Go?

"He remembered the advice of the old man on Sulphur Creek, and smiled. The man had been very serious when he said that no man should travel alone in that country after 50 below zero." To Build a Fire, Jack London

Lee Helzer will lead "How Low Will it Go?" with an estimated duration of 3 hours.

Meet for a 6:30 departure at Prospect Heights Trailhead.  We will see how low the temp will go by looping Cabin Fever to Rovers Run.

Hopefully we will see temps lower than -16.9 which is the coldest recorded Epic temperature that occurred on the Smooth on the Edges Epic on 1/9/2020.

Post Report

Jesse, Eliseo, Josh and Lee set out on a record breaking Epic.  The parking lot temperature was a balmy -12F.  We surpassed our previous record low of -16.9 after just a mile in.  Temperatures continued dropping as we progressed.  At the intersection to the bog on the 2.5k trail in Far North Bicentennial Park we though the temps might be lower over there, so we decided to run over and check.

We recorded a new Epic Runs low temperature of -31.3 in the middle of the south west edge of the bog.  Temps warmed up slowly in the trees until around -22 where they stayed for the remainder of the run.


-31.3f on How Low Will it Go? epic 2/1/2024

The Chugach Front Range

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