09/21/2023 - The Hidden Williwaw Ramp Cirque

"Some People want a Big House and Fancy Cars; Others just Want a Tiny Cabin in the Woods away from those kinds of people"

Lee Helzer will lead "The Hidden Williwaw Ramp Cirque" with an estimated duration of 4.5 hours.

Note the earlier time to try for an optimal sunset.

Meet at the Glen Alps parking lot for a 6:00pm departure.  We will head up Nintendo Hill and cross the Ballfield to access the Williwaw Lakes Trail.  After a short time on the trail we will break off and explore a small body of water in the picturesque Hidden Williwaw Ramp Cirque.  We will return via the same path or a slightly longer alternative with less elevation.

This will be a re-attempt of the 6/24/2021 Epic that was thwarted by a moose kill on the trail.

The Chugach Front Range

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