The Epic Runs Concept

Established December 7th 2000, Thursday Evening Epic Run events are non-competitive, adventurous training runs HELD YEAR ROUND on and off trails in south-central Alaska that are open to the general public.  Generally these events are of 2 to 4 hours in duration and begin promptly at the prescribed time.  Participants are expected to be capable of surviving the difficult conditions present, which often include, but are not limited to, rugged terrain, nearly impenetrable vegetation, severe weather, wildlife, and uncertain routes….  Participants and leaders MUST BE SELF SUFFICIENT.  If adversity happens, participants and leaders MUST BE COMMITTED TO SELF RESCUE.

4 thoughts on “The Epic Runs Concept

  1. I think EPIC runs is totally EPICALLY COOL!!! If any see this, please place me on the listserv (if one exists), as I would like to join. Thanks

    – Chad Oukrop

  2. New to Alaska last September from Colorado. I like running up mountains and in beautiful terrain. I don’t like ice. I’ll be checking back here when the ice is gone. Looks like that may be next week. Hopefully not, though. This looks like a great group. Cheers.

    • Just show up! We start at 6:30 sharp, sometimes even a couple minutes early. It’s best to get there 10 minutes early.

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