07/04/2013 - Sheep Thrills-unnamed Linkup

Everything you've leanted in school qs "obvious" becomes less and less obvious as you ltegin to study lhe universe. For exømple, there øre no solids in the universe. There's not even ø suggestion of a solid. There sre no absolute continuums. There øre no surfoces. There are no strøight lines. - R. Buckminster Fuller

Jesse Gobeli will lead "Sheep Thrills-unnamed Linkup" with an estimated duration of 3 hours.

Meet at 9 am (note earlier time than normal) in the Rainbow parking area on the Seward Highway. We will connect two classic ridge routes. We will carpool to Falls Creek trailhead for the start.  We will ascend the Sheep Thrills route to the highest point on the ridge before descending along the Unnamed ridge.

Turnagain Arm

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