10/12/2006 - Mudstorm on Venus

All running gear secure in the swift black craft, they set up bowls and brimmed them high with wine and poured libations out to the everlasting gods who never die--to Athena first of all, the daughter of Zeus with flashing sea-gray eyes -- and the ship went plunging all night long and through the dawn. ~Homer (excerpt from"The Odyssey" as translated by Robert Fagles)

Rob DeVelice will lead "Mudstorm on Venus" with an estimated duration of 5 hours.

Rendezvous at 6:00 pm (NOTE the earlier rendezvous time) at the Centennial Park parking lot to convoy to the 6:15 pm start. To get to the 6:00 pm rendezvous point take Muldoon Road to Boundary Avenue (the first road south of the Glenn Highway – Muldoon Road intersection). Take Boundary Avenue east one block and turn left on the Frontage Road. The Centennial Park rendezvous point is on the right shortly thereafter.

This loop route involves segments of the Tank, Snowhawk, and Dome trails and an alpine bushwack.

Be prepared for muddy, dark trails, plus snowy ascents and descents in the central section.


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