04/29/2021 - Snow Thrills

"When I’m in nature, everything falls into place. I’m just one tiny piece of a big jigsaw puzzle and I like that.” ~ Bjork

Lee Helzer will lead "Snow Thrills" with an estimated duration of 3.5 hours.

Meet at Windy Corner for a 6:30 departure.  We will take the Turnagain trail for a short bit then bushwhack or posthole our way up Goat Head Couloir.  We will either return via the west ridge or the way we came.


Post Report

Rob, Jesse, Jack, and I set out in rainy cool conditions.  We worked our way up through terraces of moose campgrounds.  Rob departed after 45 minutes.  Shortly after we stumbled across a very well executed secret trail.  Branches were trimmed and it was flagged with orange markings.  Someone had clearly spent a lot of time making this a great trail though some difficult terrain.  We followed it a bit then diverged to the snow gully.  We followed the snow gully up to the constriction where the snow had melted holes exposing a 20 foot waterfall.  It was not safe to continue so we turned around and worked our way over to where we were hoping secret trail would go.  We met the trail at around 2000ft and followed it all the way back to the Turnagain Trail.  At an elevation of around 750ft. there was a small memorial to “Lilly”.  We guess it was for a dog.

To whoever put in the trail, thanks!  We expect this trail will be a new ultra classic loop of the already classic Sheep Thrills route.

Turnagain Arm

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