03/31/2022 - Return to No Man's Land

If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again; if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man; then you are ready for a walk.” Henry David Thoreau

E. Marquez will lead "Return to No Man's Land " with an estimated duration of 3 hours.

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Basher trailhead, off of Campbell Airstrip Road.   We will jog the road to the end and from there take the northside trail that heads up Near Point.  We will descend the ridge on the opposite side, and descend through No Man’s Land, to Wolverine trail, and return to the trailhead.

The Chugach Front Range

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