07/24/2014 - McRabbit Sampler

"We have fallen into the place where everything is music." ~Rumi

E. Marquez will lead "McRabbit Sampler" with an estimated duration of 3 hours.

Meet at 6:15 pm at the intersection of Upper DeArmoun and Canyon Roads. We will carpool to the trailhead. The route will follow Rabbit Lake Trail for a bit, plunge down to cross Rabbit Creek, and ascend McHugh Peak. From there we will proceed to mysterious realms.

Epic Runs

Epic Runs

The Chugach Front Range

3 thoughts on “07/24/2014 – McRabbit Sampler

  1. Looking to make the plunge this week on my first epic run… Are we departing from Rabbit Creek trailhead? Approximately what time? (I’m going to be “that person” who needs to drive to the start separately, sorry!) And one last thing: What’s the estimated distance and elevation gain of this outing? Need to evaluate whether my pup can handle it 🙂

  2. Yep, it will start from the Rabbit Creek Trail head. We typically carpool because parking can be limited. It will probably be 6:30. It’s important to note that we depart at 6:30 sharp unless another time is specified, so it’s good to arrive 10 minutes before.
    I just pulled up google earth and my guess it that it will be around 8/9 miles with around 3,000ft of elevation gain/loss. The ambiguity on the route descriptions is one of the magical parts about Epics. They always have a bit of adventure and mystery to them. As for if your dog can make it, nearly all routes are dog capable. For the ones that aren’t there is usually something in the description advising against it.

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