08/01/2019 - Indian / Bird ridge Workshop of Horrors

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Jesse Gobeli will lead "Indian / Bird ridge Workshop of Horrors" with an estimated duration of 3.5 hours.

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Indian trailhead at the end of Boretide road.  We will be working on a new route direct to Bird Ridge and back.

Post Report

Two unsuspecting participants and one dog undertook this epic expecting some bushwhacking before breaking out into open forest and a run to the summit.   Soon after plunging into the forest from the parking lot, this route quickly turned nightmarish – giant trees crisscrossed three and four high, interwoven by a ropelike web of giant thornbearing devils club.   The participants and the dog crawled on bellies and performed gymnastic like movements through the horrifying tangled chaos suffering widespread bodily thorn punctures and shredded clothing.  The epic called it quits after 2.5 hours, having covered 1.5 miles and 1500 feet.  The retreat took every bit as long and was arguably more arduous than the climb – this route has earned its title  “Workshop of Horrors” – likely never again to be repeated in the annals of Epic history.

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