06/14/2007 - Flattop Figure 8

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Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Flattop Figure 8" with an estimated duration of 2.5 hours.

Anne Ver Hoef; Flattop Figure 8; class 2; 2.5 hours; meet at 6:15 pm (for carpooling) at the curve where Upper DeArmoun goes to the right onto Canyon Road OR at Rabbit Lake trailhead at 6:30 pm; we will take the trail up the south side of Flattop, across the ridges over Peak Two, down the north side to the Powerline Trail, go along the Powerline for a little ways, and back up to the ridge and low spot between Flatop and Peak Two, and will finally descend the trail back to Rabbit Lake Trailhead; route includes some off trail sections through low brush and rocks.

The Chugach Front Range

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