05/08/2014 - Flattop Figure 8

"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." ~Rudyard Kipling

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Flattop Figure 8" with an estimated duration of 2.5 hours.

Meet at 6:15 pm at the intersection of Upper DeArmoun and Canyon Road for carpooling.  We will drive up a little higher and take the trail up the backside of Flattop, then cross over Peak 2 and either come down the north or south side of saddle between Peak 2 and 3. If we go down the north side, we will drop down to the Powerline trail, scuttle back toward the trailhead, but then climb back up and over the saddle between Flattop and Peak 2.  And, down again for our figure 8.

High on "Rabbit, Run" (5/1/14).

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The Chugach Front Range

2 thoughts on “05/08/2014 – Flattop Figure 8

  1. This sounds like a good one. I’d definitely be up for it, but I have plans to explore the Dome area instead. Maybe I’ll post an epic for that area in the coming weeks. -Mike

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