03/09/2017 - Fingertip

"It's not an epic if your pants don't get shredded" Source Obscure

Jesse Gobeli will lead "Fingertip" with an estimated duration of 2.5 hours.

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Rainbow trailhead.   This route will delight the bushwhack enthusiasts.  We will ascend through the woods and along Rainbow Creek until we reach the tip of the “Finger”.  Expect deep snow, thick devil’s club, steep ravines, numerous downed trees and other miscellaneous obstacles.  Depending on the swiftness of our progress, we may continue exploring towards the headwaters of Rainbow Creek 2000 feet above.  One highlight of the trip will be a visit to a stately old-growth hemlock forest.

Turnagain Arm

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